Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eventful - Track Live Performances In Your Area On Your iPhone


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Eventful is another iphone application but with a difference. This iphone application is aimed at specific category of people who are just crazy about the live performances. You can get to know about the local events and also know about which performers are performing when and where. Not only this but you can share with your friends your list of favorites and track down what they have been upto.

Features of Eventful:

• Recommendations:

Eventful lets you discover events, venues, and performers that you may not even know about. Moreover, the search is highly specific and it shows only results against those preferences which you have set initially. It will show you what you want to but there is an option which will show about the people’s favourite and most of the people have been looking for.

• Favorites Galore:

You can build your own list of your favourite events, venues, and performers and customize it later on. You can also share your list with your friends and also see their favorite list. This option enables you to grab some better opportunities that you may not even know about.

• Powerful Tracking:

The tracking down of your favourite events, venues, and performers can be either done by you manually or there is an automatic mode which automatically alerts you when a new upcoming event is released. Your friends can see what you are looking for and vice versa is also true so that you know whats hot and whats not.

• GPS-powered Search:

Iphone has an inbuilt GPS system which automatically makes out your location and searches for the events in your local location. But you can also search for events and performers in the other parts of the cities.

• Eventful Demand:

This feature ensures that you don’t miss on anything new and hot. You can see the status of all the demands that you have made and also see what the world is demanding and simultaneously what your friends have been demanding of late.

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