Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where to Submit Your Blog or RSS Feed for Free


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Here is a short list of some of the easiest (and of course free) places to submit your blog quickly to get a little more exposure. This first post lists sites that do not require registration for submission. I will post another list with those that do shortly.

1) Technorati - Registration not required, but I would recommend that you claim your blog by registering after you submit it.
2) Pingoat - Just pick the services you want to ping and hit the button. Voila!
3) Pingomatic - Works like Pingoat. WordPress pings Pingomatic whenever your blog is updated, but you can do it manually too. [9 more free services to follow]
4) Google Blog Search - Definitely submit your blog(s) here. No registration required.
5) Blogflux - Add your blog to this directory as well.
6) Blo.gs - another one to add.
7) IceRocket - and one more.
8] BlogPulse - No registration required, but an email address is.
9) Best of the Web Blogs (BOTW.org) - This one works a lot like Yahoo: you will need to find the most appropriate category for your blog and then click its “Submit Blog” link. The editors approve all submissions manually and recommend that you have at least 6 months of posts and quality content.

For the second part, you will need to know your blog’s RSS feed address. This is usually as simple as adding “/feed/” to the web address of your blog home page. For example, this blog’s feed is at http://www.techrecipe.co.cc/rss.xml.

1) Blogdigger - submit your RSS feed address to this site.
2) DayPop - another RSS feed submission.
3) WeBlogALot - here’s one more.


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